5 Reasons Why Network Marketing Group Presentations Do Not Work Anymore

I will never forget the first time I had to do the closing portion of our hotel, group presentation. There were a few hundred people there roughly comprised of one-third representatives and two-thirds prospects. The room was packed and I was nervous realizing the tremendous pressure I was under to close the deal with the ecruits under the watchful eyes of their potential sponsors.

My nights and weekends were filled with such opportunity presentation meetings. And, during the time when I did not have a hotel presentation, I would do group meetings in living rooms on behalf of team members in my group.

I felt like the Energizer bunny: just kept going and going and going. At the time this was the most effective way to sponsor large numbers of people for reps in my group.

Just before we stopped doing all group presentations, I met with a few of my leaders and we came up with 5 main reasons why we could no longer continue group opportunity meetings.

#1.) Too impersonal. We found that people preferred a one-on-one presentation rather than to participate in a group opportunity meeting. In a one-on-one setting, if they had a question on the compensation plan, they would ask the question right there and then. In a group setting most people are too embarrassed to ask a question even though it is relevant to them and their decision as to whether they will join your business or not. Plus future sponsors might have 3 or 4 prospects there and are unable to give their full attention to any one individual.

#2.) No shows. Most people will promise you they will be there, mostly to get you off their back, and then not bothering to show up. I would always encourage reps to tell their prospects that they would be stopping by their house and pick them up. Sometimes this worked, most times no…people saw right through this and if they had no intention of going to the presentation they would not want to be roped into it just because you wanted to give them a ride.

#3.) Lack of interest to attend. Family and friends care about you, not your latest business venture. If they wanted to participate in a business opportunity, they would seek one out and not want to be hit on by their friend or relative. Besides they may have been mildly enthused when you approached them with your first “greatest thing since slice bread” opportunity, but now they do not want to hear it…much less waste a night of their life stuck at a presentation. Let me see, opportunity presentation for my cousin Steve or a root canal without Novocain? Sorry Steve, but they would probably take the root canal.

#4.) More interested in doing other things: like watch television, nod off in the recliner after a tough day at work, re-arrange the furniture, etc. Everyone places a value on everything we do. If I do not view your business presentation as the cure for my financial ills, I will not budge out of my house. This is not meant to offend you in any way, it is purely a subjective decision made by me not knowing what your opportunity has to offer nor am I interested in pursuing it.

#5.) The internet. More and more of the network marketing companies were putting their business opportunity presentations online. This made it easier for people to get out of going to a meeting as they would request that you email them information or send them a link so they could look over the information online.

For the shrewd network marketer of today, the death of live group presentations presents tremendous opportunity for them to expand with online marketing tools. In addition they now have an unlimited supply of prospects with 1.5 billion people now online worldwide.

Accurate Reasons To Choose Guest Posting Packages India

Guest posting has given a great rise for any website to perform better. It has become one of the best practices for any website and bloggers to get a better position on search engines ranking. It is one of the best social media strategies that are always beneficial and helps to see the fruits of your labor. So, if you are unaware of the guest posting, here is how it can help you to get benefits:

Gain audience trust
When people will read your guest posts and get directed to your website, then they will be able to know more about your solutions. If your brand provides quality content, this will make the people come back for more. So, when you choose cost-effective guest posting packages India, this helps to build authority in your industry.

Introduce to a new crowd
When you want to write blog posts, try to write them for other blogs that allow you to get in front of the audience. Thus, this helps to raise your brand awareness to potential prospects who may be unfamiliar with your brand.

Build authority
Another advantage of publishing authoritative content is to build your reputation as an expert in your industry with a quality guest post. So, if you write top-notch content, this will help to solidify your brand.

Guest posting offers a great way to meet and share with other bloggers, introduce your content to new audiences, and get valuable SEO backlinks. Remember the most obvious reason to use guest posting is that it provides you with content that you don’t have to write yourself. If you’re a business owner, it is better to hire an agency that has professionals to provide the best-written guest blogs for your website.

5 Strategies for a Successful Business Presentation

Are you a bundle of nerves at the mere thought of speaking in public? Do you experience wobbly knees, sweaty palms or an upset stomach? Well, you are not alone! The fear of public speaking ranks with death and an IRS audit for most of us.

Whether participating in a live event, teleclass or webinar, with practice and planning, you can overcome your fears and develop strong presentation skills. To help, here are 5 Strategies for a successful presentation… every time!

Prepare in Advance

Preparing for a presentation requires research, organization and planning. Each is vital to the success of a presentation. How do you prepare?


  • Learn about the audience and venue. This will enable you to make adjustments to meet their needs and prepare enough material such as; handouts, business cards brochures and giveaways. Knowing the facility’s size and layout is equally important.
  • Practice your presentation and fine tune as needed. Rehearse using a video recorder or ask a friend or family member to critique you.
  • Keep the content simple and comprehensible… and avoid using jargon!
  • Be a good keeper of time. Make sure you are not under or over the time allotted.

Day of:

  • Make sure you have some water at your table or podium. Nothing worse than having ‘dry mouth’ during a presentation!
  • If you’re using equipment such as a laptop, a projector, microphone or smart board, ALWAYS check to make sure everything is working properly.

Body Language

Your body language is critical in the message it conveys to an audience. Confidence will reflect in your posture. Make it a point to stand tall; with shoulders aligned properly. In addition, remember to use proper hand gestures.

Eye Contact

This is an easy way to build rapport with your audience. As you move through your presentation, you’ll make a greater impact when delivering key points by glancing at someone each time. As you move onto another point, shift your glance to the next person. This approach captures each person and engages them in your conversation.

Know Your Audience

Do you know your audience’s demographics? If not, you should! For example, my presentations are targeted towards women entrepreneurs. Since the length of time in business varies, I will customize each to fit their needs. 3 tips to better engage your audience:

  1. Have a powerful opening and closing. Start your presentation with an ice breaker, an engaging story or thought provoking question. Close with a call to action – what should they do as a result of your presentation? This is also a great way to gain prospective clients.
  2. Create an interactive atmosphere. Ask open-ended questions to encourage participation and share experiences.
  3. End on a note that will send people away with something to remember.

Ask for Feedback

Provide your audience with an evaluation form to fill out. Allow anonymity to encourage open and honest answers. Use their responses to improve the quality of your presentation.

In conclusion, if you want a successful outcome, it is important to take the proper time and steps to prepare for your presentation!