How to Build Leverage For Negotiating Substantial and Recurring Salary Increases

Who doesn’t want their salary increased substantially year after year during their career? A yearly salary increase of 10 per cent gives a doubled pay check in about eight years. Make the yearly increase 20 per cent and the pay check is doubled in about four years. But – is it even realistic to want such increases, year after year? Well, of course it depends to some extent on the job. But, basically the answer is: yes, it is realistic, given that the right career strategy is chosen.

For most people – I mean people not working in the family business etc. – the no. # 1 strategy to recurring substantial salary increases is spelled: long term leverage building. Anyone skilled in the art of negotiating a salary knows that when negotiating a salary, it all comes down to bargaining power, i.e. leverage. In a salary negotiation, bargaining power is a measure of which of the parties – the employee or the employee – is more dependent on coming to an agreement on the salary. Or, in other words, the party being most dependent on the other is the party with less leverage.

So, a person will be able to get recurring and substantial salary increases by constantly working on his leverage. Here are some actions to take:

Always look for outside options.

In a salary negotiation, the employees best weapon may be the threat to quit unless he get the salary asked for. However, quitting without having a new job is probably not a good option. And finding a new job takes time for most people. Therefore, you cannot go looking for one the day before your salary negotiation, but must have prepared in advance.

Strive for excellence in the relevant area.

Being the best, being the expert, having reputation of the highest quality – these are qualities one doesn’t achieve over night but only after long, hard and goal conscience efforts. In the end, quality and excellent performance will win – therefore you should start today the work to get there.

Make sure you are not the impatient one.

All things equal, the party most impatient to reach an agreement will most likely be the losing party in the negotiation. You should try to avoid to be taken by surprise when a negotiation becomes necessary. If you negotiate contracts for a company, make sure you know the term of every important contract, so that you can start looking for outside options, gather information etc well before you have to enter a new contract.

National Geographic Presents – Herod’s Lost Tomb Game Review

As far as famous biblical rulers go, Herod is a king mostly known for his ruthlessness and brutality. However, in the National Geographic Presents: Herod’s Lost Tomb game, you get to experience the other nature of this Judean king and try to unearth his glorious past as an adventurer from The National Geographic Society.

In this game, you choose to play either one of the two National Geographic Society members as you try to unlock the secrets on where to find Herod’s missing tomb. You see, other than being a fierce ruler, Herod is actually a masterful architect also, designing many of the world’s greatest structural masterpieces. One mystery surrounding all of these wonders though is where he chose to set his burial grounds. Of course, this won’t be a mystery any longer, since you’re already hot on this historical trail, trying to find all the clues that may point you into the location of Herod’s lost tomb.

National Geographic Presents: Herod’s Lost Tomb is a hidden object game employing classical item-finding as you try to complete all of the listed objects on the bottom of your screen. You will be visiting several archaeological sites trying to find all these objects and with some tools in your hand, try to unearth artifacts listed as gold items which serve as primary clues to aid you in your quest. Tools include archaeological brushes, x-ray machines and metal detectors, and you can always reach into the tool tab of your game menu anytime as long as there’s an important item for you to find.

There are a total of five mini-games too that you will encounter during the course of your adventure. After unlocking each mini-game, you can already play these games whenever you want in the map screen. Mini-games are very innovative and fun to play. While the puzzles are not very unique, the design is resembled to the overall theme of the game, with a historical background too on why you are tasked to play through them.

Smartly Identify the Lies in Timeshare Sales Presentations

The timeshare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Currently, there are millions of Americans who own timeshares and the number is increasing over time. But some of these owners testified that they are unhappy with their ownership and they believe that they were told lies by timeshare salespersons. For some, what was presented during the sales pitches were never realized after the purchase. And because of these lies many owners want to get out of their timeshare contracts. In this article, we will tackle some of the most common lies you can encounter in a timeshare sales presentation.

Timeshare Can Save You Money

Timeshares are generally marketed as a great vacation package that will save the money of potential buyers. Traditionally, timeshares trim vacation costs. But in reality, they often prove to be a costly expense. In timesharing, you have to pay annual maintenance fees which usually increase over time.

Timeshare is a Financial Investment

Some people purchased timeshares with the idea that owning a timeshare is an investment. The said idea is usually used by timeshare agents who are quick at reaping profits. Timeshares are not considered as financial investments because their worth decreases in time.

Timeshares Can Easily be Rented or Sold Anytime

Even in good economic times, unloading a timeshare can be frustratingly hard given the flooded timeshare resale market. Renting or reselling a timeshare means competing with thousands of owners. So there is a great chance that you will be asked to give it in a considerably low rate.

Exchanging a Timeshare is Possible All the Time

Timeshare marketers will make you believe that your timeshare week can be traded for anything, anywhere, anytime. The truth is exchanging can be very tricky. Trading timeshares undergo a complex system that determines the trading power between two resorts. This system matches similar units. For example, the owners of a peak season unit at one resort can likely trade for a peak season unit at another resort. However, all peak seasons are not created equal and your ability to exchange for what you want and when you want it is never certain.

The Timeshare Offer is Only Good for Today

All owners who have attended a timeshare sales presentation have heard of the standard sales line that the deal is only good for today. This creates a sense of urgency for the attendee to get the package. Of course, this is a lie and you do not have to act today. Any timeshare will be available tomorrow as well as the salesmen. They will never refuse when there is so much commission on the line.

Those points mentioned are just some of the most common lies you will encounter during a timeshare sales presentation. There are still other lies that you are likely to encounter that can lure you into buying one. So beware of these before attending any sales pitches and signing any timeshare contract. Take note that there are more and more owners who are trying to get rid of their timeshares due to unrealized promises during timeshare sales presentations. Some owners even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart just to get rid of their units.