Presenting Your Powerpoint Presentations Effectively – For Beginners

You might be distracted when you start doing your Powerpoint slides. You want to make a better presentation to deliver your information to your audiences. Many good presenters had made their way to effective communication with audiences when they first started with the basics. So if you are a beginner, you need to focus on few things that have most impact in your presentation.

  • Start to make simple presentation slides.
  • As a beginner, it is advisable to use simple layouts for your slides. For the slide layouts, please use less striking colored background to allow your audiences to see your contents clearly. It is best that you choose white colored backgrounds and dark colored fonts. Basically, this method enables audiences to perceive your contents much easier compared with distorted backgrounds and unmatched colored fonts.

    It is better if you minimize the use of bullets in your slides. Too much bullets in your slides will turn off audiences’ attention. Make use of the text box to arrange your text-contents creatively as long as it is viewable to your audiences. Consistently use 4-5 text boxes in one slide. Similarly, too much text boxes could fail to capture your audiences’ attention.

  • Get used with the performing stage in advance.
  • You need to familiarized with the new surroundings before you meet your audiences for the first time. Presentation mode differs in types of places such as lecture halls, small rooms and conference rooms. In other words, you could not adopt the same style of delivering your speech in a large hall as previously used in a small room. If you able to adopt proper speech delivery in respective places, you will be able to develop a good rapport with your audiences.

  • Say “No” to handouts.
  • Do not print your Powerpoint slides as handouts. It is not necessary to distribute handouts to your audiences. That is why you need to improvise your speech beforehand. Most people will not keep your handouts in long-term basis.

    5 Reasons Why Network Marketing Group Presentations Do Not Work Anymore

    I will never forget the first time I had to do the closing portion of our hotel, group presentation. There were a few hundred people there roughly comprised of one-third representatives and two-thirds prospects. The room was packed and I was nervous realizing the tremendous pressure I was under to close the deal with the ecruits under the watchful eyes of their potential sponsors.

    My nights and weekends were filled with such opportunity presentation meetings. And, during the time when I did not have a hotel presentation, I would do group meetings in living rooms on behalf of team members in my group.

    I felt like the Energizer bunny: just kept going and going and going. At the time this was the most effective way to sponsor large numbers of people for reps in my group.

    Just before we stopped doing all group presentations, I met with a few of my leaders and we came up with 5 main reasons why we could no longer continue group opportunity meetings.

    #1.) Too impersonal. We found that people preferred a one-on-one presentation rather than to participate in a group opportunity meeting. In a one-on-one setting, if they had a question on the compensation plan, they would ask the question right there and then. In a group setting most people are too embarrassed to ask a question even though it is relevant to them and their decision as to whether they will join your business or not. Plus future sponsors might have 3 or 4 prospects there and are unable to give their full attention to any one individual.

    #2.) No shows. Most people will promise you they will be there, mostly to get you off their back, and then not bothering to show up. I would always encourage reps to tell their prospects that they would be stopping by their house and pick them up. Sometimes this worked, most times no…people saw right through this and if they had no intention of going to the presentation they would not want to be roped into it just because you wanted to give them a ride.

    #3.) Lack of interest to attend. Family and friends care about you, not your latest business venture. If they wanted to participate in a business opportunity, they would seek one out and not want to be hit on by their friend or relative. Besides they may have been mildly enthused when you approached them with your first “greatest thing since slice bread” opportunity, but now they do not want to hear it…much less waste a night of their life stuck at a presentation. Let me see, opportunity presentation for my cousin Steve or a root canal without Novocain? Sorry Steve, but they would probably take the root canal.

    #4.) More interested in doing other things: like watch television, nod off in the recliner after a tough day at work, re-arrange the furniture, etc. Everyone places a value on everything we do. If I do not view your business presentation as the cure for my financial ills, I will not budge out of my house. This is not meant to offend you in any way, it is purely a subjective decision made by me not knowing what your opportunity has to offer nor am I interested in pursuing it.

    #5.) The internet. More and more of the network marketing companies were putting their business opportunity presentations online. This made it easier for people to get out of going to a meeting as they would request that you email them information or send them a link so they could look over the information online.

    For the shrewd network marketer of today, the death of live group presentations presents tremendous opportunity for them to expand with online marketing tools. In addition they now have an unlimited supply of prospects with 1.5 billion people now online worldwide.

    Be Conscious in the Present Moment

    The more conscious you are in the present moment, the better you will be at making the right choices. When you are truly present, you will sense and feel what is right for you right now. Life is one long ‘now’, so it makes perfect sense to direct all one’s energy into the present moment. Many people have their focus placed way too far out into the future. Of course, it is necessary to look into the future now and then, just as long as it doesn’t become a habitual state of mind. Personally, I have set myself 4-5 goals, wishes or aims for the future, but I am very conscious about working on these goals in the present moment. I enjoy thinking about these goals a couple of times during the day, and I think about the pleasure I experience by just being on my way towards them and sense the energy that they will bring me. When I feel the energy these accomplished aims will bring me, the joy of the journey is doubled. I also attract these dreams more quickly when I understand how important it is to feel the energy and joy that lies inherent within them.

    The less conscious you are in the moment the more you will make “wrong” choices. If you are not directing your attention to the moment then you won’t be aware of your feelings here and now. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, and each step has a particular meaning for you. With each step along the way, you will learn about, feel and notice the nature of your life, building your identity and life experiences upon this. If you consider your steps insignificant, then your life will be insignificant.

    If you make wrong choices, you will find yourself out on one of life’s small detours. Perhaps no choice is really wrong, for even a wrong choice will serve the important purpose of showing you what you don’t want in your life. Some people choose to make many, many small detours. They walk on and on until it hurts so much, they just have to turn around. Others live their entire lives in pain – oblivious to the possibility of making new choices. In their minds there exists only one possibility, only one choice. The good news is, that you will be offered thousands of chances in this life. In the arising of every new moment, you have the possibility to choose something new. If you experience, time after time, that your life has gone off course, then it is time to stop and reflect on what you can do differently in this very moment.